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When is the 4680 Battery be Available?

when is the 4680 battery be available

When Will Tesla’s 4680 Battery Become Widely Available?

The 4680 battery, a next-generation cell format developed by Tesla, has garnered significant interest for its potential to improve electric vehicle (EV) range, performance, and affordability. But the question remains: when will these batteries be powering Teslas on a wider scale?

Current Status of 4680 Production

Tesla is currently ramping up production of 4680 batteries at its Gigafactories. While some Model Ys produced in Texas already utilize these cells, volume remains limited. However, 2024 is expected to be a significant year for 4680 production, with both Tesla and LG Energy Solution (LGES) aiming to increase output. LGES anticipates starting 4680 production in their South Korean factory later in 2024, with plans for North American manufacturing to follow.

Factors Affecting Availability

The wider availability of 4680 batteries hinges on several factors. These include:

  • Production Ramp-Up: Scaling up production of a new battery format is a complex process. Tesla needs to ensure consistent quality and efficiency while meeting increasing demand.

  • Supply Chain Challenges: The global supply chain for battery materials remains a hurdle. Shortages of critical minerals like lithium can impact production timelines.

  • Vehicle Integration: Integrating the 4680 format into existing and future Tesla models requires adjustments to manufacturing processes.

Looking Ahead: Potential Timeline

While a definitive date for widespread 4680 adoption is elusive, here’s a possible timeline based on current information:

  • Short-Term (2024): Increased production volume from Tesla’s Gigafactories and LGES’s South Korean facility could lead to a wider rollout of 4680-equipped Teslas, potentially including additional Model Y variants.

  • Mid-Term (2025-2026): As production scales further and supply chain constraints ease, expect to see the 4680 format become the standard for a larger portion of Tesla’s lineup.

  • Long-Term (Beyond 2026): Widespread adoption of the 4680 format across Tesla’s entire vehicle range is a possibility, alongside potential licensing to other automakers.


The 4680 battery represents a significant step forward in EV technology. While widespread availability may take some time, 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for its production ramp-up. Staying informed about Tesla’s and LGES’s progress will provide a clearer picture of when these batteries will power the next generation of electric vehicles.

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