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What is a 4680 Battery?

what is a 4680 battery

What is a 4680 Battery? A Look at Next-Gen EV Power

The lithium-ion battery has revolutionized electric vehicles (EVs), but the quest for even greater range and performance continues. Enter the 4680 battery, a next-generation cell format with the potential to be a game-changer in the EV industry.

Breaking Down the Name

The 4680 battery gets its name from its dimensions: 46 millimeters in diameter and 80 millimeters tall. This larger size compared to traditional EV batteries offers several advantages.

Increased Energy Density

The larger form factor allows for more active material within the cell, translating to a greater energy storage capacity. This translates to potentially longer driving ranges for EVs equipped with 4680 batteries.

Faster Charging Time

The design of the 4680 battery also reduces the current path within the cell. This can lead to a faster charging time, a significant benefit for busy EV drivers.

Simplified Manufacturing

The 4680 format utilizes a tabless design, eliminating the need for traditional cell tabs. This simplification has the potential to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce production costs.

Thermal Management

The larger size of the 4680 battery also offers advantages in thermal management. The increased surface area allows for better heat dissipation, potentially improving battery performance and lifespan.

Who’s Using 4680 Batteries?

Tesla has been a major proponent of the 4680 battery technology, implementing it in their Cybertruck and promising its inclusion in future models. Other manufacturers are also exploring the potential of 4680 batteries, suggesting a wider adoption in the coming years.

The Future of EVs

The 4680 battery represents a significant step forward in EV battery technology. With its potential for increased range, faster charging, and lower production costs, the 4680 battery has the potential to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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