4680 LFP Battery

  • Product Name: 4680 LFP Battery
  • Manufacturer: BYD
  • Model No.: FC4680
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4
  • Typical Voltage: 3.2 Volts
  • Typical Capacity: 15Ah
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LFP 4680 Battery Cell Specs

Technical Specs.
ModelBYD FC4680
Typical Capacity15000mAh @0.2C Discharging
Minimal Capacity14700mAh @0.5C Charging
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Impedance≤8mΩ(AC 1kHz)
Charge Cut-off Voltage3.65V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.0V
Max. Continuous Charging Current1C (15A)
Standard Discharge Current0.2C
Max. Continuous Discharge Current1C (15A)
Cycle Life≥4000 Cycles @0.5C Charge/Discharge, 70%DOD
Temp. Specs.
Charge Operating Temp.0℃~55℃/32°F~131°F
Discharge Operating Temp.-20℃~60℃/-4°F~140°F
Storage Temp.20~55℃ @1 Month
20~45℃ @3 Months
20~25℃ @12 Months
Mechanical Specs.
Cell Weight335g
Cell Dimension46.55*80.50mm
Other Specs.

Stability and Safety

Rigorous Testing Ensures Battery Stability and Safety

Eight tests evaluate the performance and safety of the 4680 LFP battery:

  • Mechanical Tests:
    Crush Test
    Squeeze Test
    Drop Test
    Puncture Test
  • Electrical Tests:
    Overcharge Test
    Short Circuit Test
  • Environmental Tests:
    High-Temperature Test
    Low-Temperature Test

Wide Range of Applications

The 4680 LFP battery’s characteristics make it suitable for various applications, including:

  • Electric Vehicles (automobiles)
  • Stationary Energy Storage (household energy storage, large UPS, energy storage power station systems)
  • Electric Micro-Mobility (portable power supply, small four-wheeled vehicle, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric forklift)
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